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· CPUs   Intel/AMD   Celeron/Pentium III/Pentium 4   Duron/Sempron/Athlon/Opteron

· Motherboards   Intel socket 478 / Xeon  AMD socket A / socket 939socket 940 (Opteron)socket 754 (Athlon 64)
· Memory (RAM)   PC133/PC100  SIMM   Rambus  DDR
· Monitors (CRT)   15"/17"/19"/21"/22+"

· Monitors (TFT LCD)   15"/16"/17"/18-19"/20+"      Plasma  40+"/50+"/60+"

· Hard Disks (IDE)  Gb: 20+/40+/60+/80+/100+/200+  7200rpm/10000rpm  UDMA66/UDMA100/UDMA133  Serial ATA

· Graphics Cards (VGA)  PCI/AGP  16Mb/32Mb/64Mb/128Mb/256Mb    · Sound Cards   · MP3 players   · Mice

  »»   nVidia GeForce 2/GeForce 3/GeForce 4/GeForce FX 5200/5600/5800/5900 ULTRA
  »»   ATI Radeon 7000/8000/9000/9200/9500/9600/9800 All-in-Wonder   Matrox Millenium/Parhelia

· CD-ROM (IDE)  32x-36x/40x-48x/50x      · CD-ROM (SCSI)

· CD-ReWriters (CD-RW)  internal/external  IDE/parallel/USB/SCSI/PCMCIA  recording: 20x/30x/40x   CDRW+DVD

· DVD-ROM      · DVD-RW writers          · Removable Drives  Zip 100/Zip 250  internal/external
· Printers: Inkjet  A4/A3/B0  300dpi/600-720dpi/1200-1440dpi       · Printers: All-in-one

· Printers: Laser  mono/colour  A4/A3  600dpi/1200dpi/2400dpi       · Scanners  parallel/USB/SCSI

· Digital Cameras           · Handheld PCs  mono/colour  WinCE/EPOC/Palm OS

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