PCindex.co.uk - Compare prices for PC components and peripherals from major UK online retailers. Compare, save money, then shop! [Developed by HomeLabs Co.] your specialised price comparison site
for the computer hardware market


PC index was born out of the need for a real search engine that would provide UK net users,
the ability to search for products, compare prices and find useful links to assist their purchases.

We try to offer this service within a single web site and, judging from your feedback,
we have been quite successful.

We have "indexed" over 1700 products from 74 manufacturers, and over 5000 prices from 12 UK retailers so far. And almost all of them are provided with links to external sites for further information.

Our intention is to build in much more functionality, so that it will become your starting point on the net for your computer shopping (if it is not already!).

Do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be glad to receive your criticism and suggestions.

The Administrator...

This part is included here in order to put a "human face" to PC index!

The admin of PC index is Makis Tsintsikloglou,
born in Greece, and now living in the UK.
He has studied Computer Engineering (BSc Hons) and started research for a
PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He was forced to interrupt his studies though,
in order to focus on developing PCindex and meet the increasing demand
for such a service. Our thanks to our Reboot Online SEO company.

All the best,
the PC index development team

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