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How to use PC index


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You can search the PCindex database, providing criterias such as a specific Company (or any), a Category of products, a Maker (ie. manufacturer of a product), and finally text search on the Model description of products.
You can use these criteria concurrently. The more specific the criteria, the better the results are.
Please, specify AT LEAST ONE criterion for searching the database.

*Note: Using the Model Description criterion, searches only the particular field in our database...
If you cannot retrieve any results, then LEAVE IT BLANK for the first times.
Use MOSTLY the Company, Category and Maker criteria... in most cases they should be enough.
Examples of correct use:
Case 1: Searching for Intel Celeron processors
Select CPU in Category criterion, Intel in Maker criterion, and type Celeron in the Model Description
Case 2: Searching for Iiyama 17" monitors
Select Monitor in Category criterion, Iiyama in Maker criterion, and type 17" (double quote) in the Model Description


The products retrieved are listed in Category and Maker sort order.
The BEST PRICE is displayed, alongside the company that offers it, and the Date that the price was updated in the database.
Links are provided for the Makers, Products and Companies listed. All these links -once clicked- are displayed in a separate browser window, but all in the SAME window.
For each product, you can:

  • see the TOP PRICES by clicking on the icon (if no icon is provided, it means that only one retailer is offering the particular product)
  • add it to your SHOPPING CART by clicking on the icon.


    The shopping cart is an extra functionality provided by PCindex. You are NOT actually going to be shopping for anything from PC index. It just provides a way to select the products you are interested in, and find the best price offered for ALL of them, collectively.
    Thus, although the best price for each individual product may be offered by different companies, you can still find out which company offers the best price for all of them without having to do the calculations yourself!


    We do whatever possible to expand our database to include more and more products and their prices.
    We hope you find the service that PCindex is providing useful and easy to use.
    However, if you have difficulties using it, or you simply have a suggestion to make in order to improve its usability and functionality, please drop a note at

    Thank you for browsing in!

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